Project report of Wudang cloud health project

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Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province is the holy land of the four main roads, the world cultural heritage, the national key scenic spot, and the famous tourist attraction and religious activity place in China. Since Pangu, it has attracted a lot of hermits to live in seclusion, practice and keep in good health. They have devoted themselves to the study of medical techniques, health preservation techniques and fairies, and left them for mankind It's a very valuable asset. For thousands of years, it has become the "holy peak treasure land" worshipped by people, and is known as "the fairy mountain qiongge". According to statistics, the number of tourists who come to Wudang Mountain for sightseeing, vacation and leisure every year is over 10 million, and the ticket income is more than 100 million yuan. Especially, the number of overseas people who come to Wudang Mountain to practice Wudang's internal skills and explore the secrets of Taoist health has increased year by year, which has brought opportunities and favorable conditions for the promotion of Wudang Taoist culture.
In recent years, Shiyan City has vigorously promoted the transformation of "traditional sightseeing tourism" to "deep leisure vacation" products. "Ask Wudang Mountain, keep healthy Taiji Lake" has been well-known at home and abroad. In addition to the traditional Wudang Mountain scenery sightseeing, Taoist ancient architecture appreciation, Wudang martial arts performance, incense worship, it also increases the Taiji Lake New Area Tour, Taiji Lake hydrophilic speedboat, Happy Valley bungee jumping and other leisure entertainment Project. In 2015, Wudang Taiji lake was selected into the first batch of national tourist resorts, and Wudang Mountain scenic spot was rated as "national excellent scenic spot".
Now, whether it is the national eco-tourism development plan (2016-2025) or the 13th five-year tourism development plan of Hubei Province and Shiyan City, Wudang Mountain Taiji Lake eco-cultural tourism is taken as a key tourism development project to create a world-famous ecological and cultural tourism area. Wudang Mountain special zone has also determined that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, the whole region will transform from sightseeing tour to vacation tour, from ticket economy to destination economy, from construction scenic spot to whole area scenic spot. Around the "five areas", namely, tourism and vacation demonstration area, ecological civilization leading area, health preservation experience area, Wudang culture exhibition area and comprehensive well-off model area, we will build 10 major projects We started 100 projects. The biggest feature of Wudang Mountain is rich Taoist cultural resources and ecological resources. How to transform them into high-grade and high-quality sightseeing and leisure tourism products is something Shiyan City and Wudang Mountain special zone have been exploring for many years.
China's China General Secretary Xi Jinping one of the "one belt, one road" forum, put forward the idea of reshaping Chinese culture and promoting Chinese culture. Cultural communication is the responsibility and obligation of every Chinese people. Wudang Taoist culture is an indispensable part of Chinese culture, and Wudang Taoist medicine culture is an important part of Taoist culture.
In order to excavate the treasure house of Chinese medicine, carry forward the traditional health preserving culture of Wudang Taoist and Taoist doctors, meet the material and cultural needs of the group, and promote the harmonious development of economy and society, Wudang Health Research Institute of Wudang Mountain Special Zone formally applied for Wudang cloud health preservation project.
Wudang cloud health project is based on the concept of humanistic harmony, and integrates popular science, tourism, health preservation, leisure and other elements into one. After completion, it will become a new highlight of Wudang Taoist culture dissemination, improve the status of Taoist culture, and make it a platform for Taoist cultural exchange in the world. With the help of Wudang's geographical advantages and cultural characteristics, Wudang cloud health preservation project is established by taking advantage of the situation, and organically combines with the diversified development direction of Shiyan City, and timely expands the operation scale. It takes the inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese Taoist health preservation culture as its duty, and contributes to improving people's health level and improving people's life quality.
The project has the following distinctive features:
1. Taking online cloud health care experience as the main line, through online courses, products and skills, and Taoist medicine methods, we have established a sound member health care system and laid a customer foundation for project development.
2. Establish a platform for Taoist experts and teachers to communicate with customers to help each Chinese traditional culture expert go to the world. Wudang will be built into a Taoist cultural base to attract talents to Wudang, so as to enhance the overall cultural style of Wudang and provide value basis for "Wudang slow travel".
3. Through the platform to vigorously promote Taoist culture, Taoist medicine, Taoist medicine, martial arts.
4. Through online delivery of Wudang cultural value in China and even around the world, accumulate customers, attract customers to experience Wudang offline, and cultivate the idea of "come to Wudang healthily".