Wudang cloud health project, the necessity and feasibility o

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Necessity of project construction
1. Wudang cloud health project is a social service industry project. The service industry is an important part of the national economy, and the development level of the service industry is an important indicator to measure the degree of economic development in modern society. China is in the period of building a well-off society in an all-round way and accelerating the development of industrialization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and has initially possessed many conditions to support sound and rapid economic development. Accelerating the development of service industry, increasing the proportion of service industry in the three industrial structure, and making the service industry the leading industry of national economy as soon as possible are the only way to promote the economic structure adjustment and accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode. It is also the urgent need to effectively alleviate the bottleneck restriction of energy and resources shortage and improve the efficiency of resource utilization. It is also an urgent need to adapt to the new situation of opening up and realize a comprehensive country The effective way of force integral jump. Therefore, the construction of Wudang cloud health project is the need to promote the development of Wudang service industry.
2. This project is the need to speed up the adjustment of regional economic structure and industrial structure. From the cultural point of view, we need to create a strong Taoist cultural atmosphere. Wudang Mountain is rich in Taoist culture, but its cultural atmosphere is not strong enough. In Wudang Mountain, it is mainly Taoist temples that can embody the characteristics of Wudang Taoism. For ordinary tourists, Taoist temples and Buddhist temples are just different from gods and Bodhisattvas. They are both burning incense and kowtowing. But at present, the main thing to see is the ancient Taoist architecture. Other Wudang martial arts, Wudang medicine, Wudang music, etc., have not yet formed effective tourism products with a certain scale.
Wudang cloud health project, with Taoist cloud health management as a breakthrough point, serves every customer in the world, promotes Taoist culture, Taoist medicine and Taoist medicine on the basis of meeting everyone's health needs, and establishes a bridge between Wudang Mountain cultural talents and customers through the platform.. Drive customers to visit Wudang online and offline. It is very necessary to further improve the understanding, change the concept of development, broaden the development ideas, speed up the service industry to a new level, promote the economic and social development on the track of scientific development, and promote the sound and rapid development of the national economy.
3. It is one of the key objectives of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to vigorously develop the service industry oriented to the people's livelihood, actively expand new service fields, and constantly cultivate new growth points of the service industry. In order to meet the requirements of urbanization, aging population, disabled people, sub-health people, people who need to recuperate after treatment, we need to vigorously develop municipal public utilities, community service industry, domestic service industry and socialized health care, health preservation and rehabilitation services. To improve the quality of life, improve the health environment groups as the focus, strengthen the construction of Taoist health care service system, is to optimize the structure of urban and rural regional service industry, and gradually realize the equalization of public services.
4. Taoist health care service is a comprehensive service system for individuals, families and communities, which integrates the education and consultation of "physical therapy, dietotherapy and pharmacotherapy". Taoist health care and health care service center can solve the problems of physical therapy, dietotherapy and medical treatment for urban and rural residents, tourists and investors in a wide range, high quality, convenient and economic way. Therefore, it can be affirmed that it is an important way to develop prevention, health care and Taoist medical and nursing services in China.
5. Wudang cloud health project, is a livelihood project, can also do a good job in docking civil affairs, do a good job in docking medical and health, screening all sub-health personnel and self-healing personnel, and push complex patients to medical and health institutions. It will be an important supplement and improvement of the county's civil affairs and medical and health undertakings, and will play a positive role in promoting the rapid and healthy development of China's livelihood It will add new contents to the development of China's service industry.