Introduction to Taoist health preservation

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Taoist health preservation refers to a kind of medical activity that can prolong life by Nourishing life, strengthening physique and preventing diseases. Taoist health care focuses on the integrity and system, the purpose is to prevent disease in advance and prevent disease. Taoist health preservation comes from ancient essence medicine. The level of contemporary Taoist doctors has declined, and there is not much inheritance. The theory of ancient Taoist doctors is worthy of further development and research by posterity.
The so-called "life" is the meaning of life, survival and growth; the so-called "cultivation" means maintenance, recuperation and replenishment. In short, health preservation means maintaining life. Guided by the theory of traditional Taoist medicine and following the change law of Yin Yang and five elements, the human body is scientifically regulated to maintain the health and vitality of life. Mental health preservation is to maintain the body, reduce diseases, improve health and prolong life by means of nourishing the mind, regulating emotions and adjusting life.
Chinese traditional health preservation emphasizes the relationship between man and nature, and holds that man should adapt to the changes of natural environment and climate in four seasons, adjust himself actively, and keep balance with nature to avoid invasion of exogenous pathogens. According to the book of changes, "one Yin and one Yang is called Tao" and "Fa Xiang is as great as heaven and earth, and flexibility is as great as four seasons". Laozi says that "Tao follows nature." It is the basic requirement of Taoist health preservation.
Taoist health preservation is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture, which aims at cultivating vitality, preventing diseases and striving for health and longevity. There are various health preserving techniques in Taoist medicine, such as diet, medicine, acupuncture, massage, qigong and so on. The ancients believed that the method of health preservation was nothing more than nourishing nature and nourishing essence; essence filling could transform Qi, and Qi and blood could complete the mind; the whole mind could balance yin and Yang, coordinate viscera, and smooth Qi and blood, so as to ensure the health and strength of the body. Therefore, the maintenance of essence, Qi and spirit is the most important content, which is the foundation of human health. Taoist medicine generalizes the most important material and functional activities of human body into essence, Qi and spirit, which are the foundation of life and the three elements to maintain the whole life activity of human body. As early as two or three thousand years ago, Zhouyi, Huangdi Neijing and Laozi already had a complete set of health preservation principles. It is like a treasure house that can never be dug out. It is worth exploring again and again. Taoist doctor's concept of health preservation includes three magic weapons: the unity of heaven and man, the balance of yin and Yang, and the unity of body and mind.