1. Date of establishment of the company;
2. The company's investment scale, main products, project introduction, technical transformation, reconstruction and expansion, etc;
3. The company's business situation: annual sales, total profits and taxes, etc;
4. Major changes and adjustments in the company's organizational structure;
5. Introduction of new technology, development of new products and achievements in scientific research;
6. Media's major publicity reports on the company;
7. Various honors obtained by the company;
8. Guidance, investigation, investigation and exchange of government agencies, peers and experts from outside the company;
9. Major activities such as the change of senior leaders, the introduction of talents and the holding of large-scale training;
10. Important meetings attended by senior leaders of the company, important external contact and exchange activities;
11. Meetings of the board of directors and resolutions of the meeting, important internal meetings of the company, etc;
12. Corporate culture construction: external image publicity activities, large-scale public relations activities, etc;
13. Internal management of the company: Construction of quality management system, major internal management situations such as project management, financial management, human resource management, production management, information construction, etc.